Position Name Day 1 Weight Day 2 Weight Total
1 John O Driscoll 35lb 9oz 9lb 12oz 45lb 5oz
2 Gareth Lambert 8lb 5oz 34lb 13oz 43lb 2oz
3 Eddie Bridon 29lb 5oz 12lb 12oz 42lb 1oz
4 Brian Nesbit 23lb 1oz 15lb 12oz 38lb 13oz
5 Jamie Harrison 8lb 15oz 26lb 4oz 35lb 3oz
6 Marc Ellement 9lb 12oz 23lb 1oz 32lb 13oz
7 Geoff Vallance 14lb 9oz 18lb 3oz 32lb 12oz
8 Mick Vials 15lb 10oz 16lb 14oz 32lb 8oz
9 Steve Whitfield 5lb 4oz 21lb 10oz 26lb 14oz
10 Phil Ringer 5lb 10oz 21lb 4oz 26lb 14oz
11 Tommy Hiller 18lb 8oz 7lb 10oz 26lb 2oz
12 Rob Wiltshire 8lb 6oz 17lb 5oz 25lb 11oz
13 Simon Willsmore 11lb 14oz 13lb 1oz 24lb 14oz
14 Darren Davis 6lb 4oz 18lb 3oz 24lb 7oz
15 Wayne Bartholomew 14lb 13oz 9lb 3oz 24lb 0oz
16 Cathal Hughes 12lb 3oz 11lb 12oz 23lb 15oz
17 Glen Lawrence 6lb 9oz 17lb 4oz 23lb 13oz
18 Nick Howell 7lb 6oz 16lb 3oz 23lb 9oz
19 Steve Ringer 11lb 10oz 11lb 8oz 23lb 2oz
20 Michael Buckwalder 12lb 12oz 10lb 5oz 23lb 1oz
21 Bob Brown 3lb 4oz 19lb 6oz 22lb 10oz
22 Bob Gosbee 5lb 6oz 16lb 8oz 21lb 14oz
23 Andy Moss 10lb 7oz 11lb 4oz 21lb 11oz
24 Stephen Leddy 13lb 1oz 7lb 5oz 20lb 6oz
25 Dave Berry 7lb 1oz 13lb 2oz 20lb 3oz
26 Tommy Pickering 10lb 4oz 8lb 10oz 18lb 14oz
27 Will Freeman 6lb 12oz 12lb 0oz 18lb 12oz
28 Mark Goodwin 7lb 4oz 10lb 14oz 18lb 2oz
29 Ben Holmes 6lb 10oz 10lb 12oz 17lb 6oz
30 Rob Wooton 7lb 5oz 9lb 11oz 17lb 0oz
31 Nigel Franks 5lb 5oz 11lb 3oz 16lb 8oz
32 Dave Revill 0lb 10oz 15lb 9oz 16lb 3oz
33 Jim Evans 7lb 7oz 8lb 8oz 15lb 15oz
34 Dean Jaques 4lb 4oz 11lb 4oz 15lb 8oz
35 Steve Hutter 10lb 2oz 5lb 4oz 15lb 6oz
36 Paul Hardy 7lb 10oz 7lb 8oz 15lb 2oz
37 Andrius Lekstitus 4lb 3oz 9lb 13oz 14lb 0oz
38 Marcus Harrison 7lb 8oz 6lb 6oz 13lb 14oz
39 Adam Rooney 4lb 13oz 8lb 15oz 13lb 12oz
40 Scott Russell 3lb 5oz 10lb 3oz 13lb 8oz
41 Andy Fullylove 8lb 3oz 4lb 12oz 12lb 15oz
42 Paul Goulding 5lb 5oz 7lb 8oz 12lb 13oz
43 John Whitehouse 8lb 9oz 4lb 0oz 12lb 9oz
44 Richard Packwood 6lb 2oz 6lb 7oz 12lb 9oz
45 Jens Koschnick 5lb 13oz 5lb 8oz 11lb 5oz
46 Rob Blackburn 3lb 14oz 7lb 4oz 11lb 2oz
47 Jamie Mills 4lb 3oz 6lb 14oz 11lb 1oz
48 Chris Diamond 4lb 5oz 5lb 12oz 10lb 1oz
49 Chris Taylor 1lb 14oz 8lb 0oz 9lb 14oz
50 Tom Noton 6lb 12oz 3lb 0oz 9lb 12oz
51 Jim Wilson 5lb 4oz 3lb 15oz 9lb 3oz
52 Matt Grindle 4lb 15oz 3lb 3oz 8lb 2oz
53 Algirdas Kuzas 3lb 3oz 3lb 8oz 6lb 11oz
54 Brian Clarke 2lb 11oz 3lb 14oz 6lb 9oz
55 Gareth Williams 2lb 7oz 3lb 9oz 6lb 0oz
56 Andrew Jupp 3lb 5oz 1lb 10oz 4lb 15oz
57 Tracey Holland 1lb 9oz 1lb 8oz 3lb 7oz
58 Kerry Mcmahon 0lb 0oz 2lb 13oz 2lb 13oz
59 Kevin Jones 0lb 7oz 1lb 14oz 2lb 5oz
60 Karl Hammond 1lb 13oz 0lb 0oz 1lb 13oz


Getting the right venues is so important for the Feeder Masters team.
All 2024 venues are confirmed now!


  • Sat 6th April - Decoy Lakes
  • Sat 13th April - Barston Lake
  • Sun 21st April - St Albans Lakes
  • Sun 28th April - Ferry Meadows
  • Sat 4th May - Decoy Lakes
  • Sun 12th May - Southfield Reservoir
  • Sat 18th May - Barston Lake
  • Sun 19th May - JCB Lakes
  • Sun 26th May - Ferry Meadows
  • Sun 2nd June - Carr Mill Dam
  • Sun 9th June - Upper Tamar
  • Sun 16th June - Gloucester Canal
  • Sun 30th June - River Yare
  • Sun 7th July - Patshull Park
  • Sun 14th July - River Trent
  • Sun 21st July - Rudyard Lakes
  • Sun 28th July - Staunton Harold
  • Sun 4th Aug - Upper Tamar
  • Sun 11th Aug - Carr Mill Dam
  • Sun 18th Aug - Southfield Reservoir
  • Final: Upper Tamar Lake on 28th/29th Sept 2024
Final: Once again the Grand Final returns to the epic Upper Tamar Lake on 28th/29th Sept 2024