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All you need to know about Feeder Masters 2017 All Venues Confirmed

Feeder fishing has never been more popular! So effective for catching all species, the team here are proud to run the country’s premier big money feeder only event. All information, such as venues and dates will always be available here first. As well as this, stars will be revealing their venue profiles and top tips to help you make the final!

The Format!

Feeder Masters is a series of 20 ‘one off’ qualifiers, culminating in a two day big money final. Each qualifier will be limited to 60 anglers, allowing the match to be split into three 20 peg zones. With the winner of each zone qualifying for the final. Win your 20 pegs and your one step closer to big money!

The Venues!

The team here at Feeder Masters wanted to ensure the competition offers something for everyone, but more importantly good fishing! Therefore qualifiers have been chosen spanning the country’s top feeder fishing venues. This will be backed up with great profiles from some of the top names in the sport, giving you the edge come competition day! SEE VENUES »

The Final!

The Two-day Final will be held once all qualifiers have been completed, after the fantastic success and buzz from last years final, Feeder Masters is proud to announce the final will be returning to the fantastic Bough Beech Reservoir for 2017.
Final: Bough Beech Reservoir: 23rd/24th September 2017

The Payout!

Feeder Masters wanted a prize fund that was fair and well spread. Too many competitions heap their money towards the winner, but we understand the effort anglers go to in order to qualify for big events, therefore with Feeder Master more anglers will be rewarded for reaching the final. However the winner must be rightly rewarded, so along with a generous main frame and section prizes, the winner of Feeder Masters 2017 will once again walk away with a guaranteed £12,000!

The Rules!

Feeder Masters is a feeder only competition, as such there are a few simple rules to help competitors.

  • Feeder only.
  • Only one rod to be in use at any one time.
  • A rod and reel must be used.
  • Feeders can be fixed, unless forbidden in fishery rules.
  • No minimum hooklength restrictions.
  • Feed can only be introduced via a swim feeder.
  • All forms of swim feeders permitted. (method, banjo, cage, block-end, etc….)
  • No bombs whilst fishing, bombs can be used for plumbing up.
  • Bait limits and hook restrictions to fishery rules.
  • No PVA
  • No Bloodworm and Joker
How do I enter?

For 2017, Feeder Masters is taking a bold step in order to give you, the angler, the best chance of fishing all your favourite venues. From January 17th, you will be able to buy all your feeder masters tickets direct from our website (Insert Link).

Any angler can buy their tickets for their favourite qualifier on a first come first served basis. Once purchased, that ticket cannot be refunded, but can be sold on if no longer required.

Do I need to be a member of the Angling Trust? No, although Feeder Masters supports the Angling Trust, this competition is independent and does not require Angling Trust membership to compete.


Getting the right venues is so important for the Feeder Masters team.
All 2017 venues are confirmed now!


  • Barston – 16/04/17
  • Southfield Reservoir– 22/04/17
  • Larford Lakes – 29/04/17
  • Lough Erne – 06/05/17
  • Barston – 07/05/17
  • Ferry Meadows – 21/05/17
  • Gold Valley Lakes 28/05/17
  • Carr Mill Dam – 03/06/17
  • Carr Mill Dam – 11/06/17
  • Ferry Meadows 17/06/17
  • Hallcroft 25/06/17
  • Ferry Meadows 02/07/17
  • River Trent (Tidal)– 09/07/17
  • River Yare – 16/07/17
  • Southfield Reservoir – 22/07/17
  • Bough Beech Reservoir – 06/08/17
  • Southfield Reservoir – 13/08/17
  • Bough Beech Reservoir – 20/08/17
  • Patshull Park – 26/08/17
  • Lough Muckno – 02/09/17
  • Final: Bough Beech Reservoir; 23rd/24th Sep. 2017
Final: Bough Beech Reservoir; 23rd/24th September 2017

Breaking News - Preston Innovation Sponsoring

Feeder Masters secures fantastic sponsorship deal with tackle giant Preston Innovations. Feeder Masters is proud to announce the start of a fantastic partnership with Preston Innovations. At Feeder Masters we are excited to have secured the support of such high profile sponsor, which we believe backs our thinking that this competition is something that all anglers have been waiting for. Preston Innovations Brand Manager Scott Geens commented: “Feeder Masters came to us with this fantastic idea for a feeder only competition. They have a real passion, and a format that is a proven winner amongst anglers. Having already put together a professional team to run the event, we had no doubt backing this exciting prospect for everyone involved. We are fully committed to helping make this competition a success, and will be for the foreseeable future.”